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Trio of Cosmic Snapshots Turning Heads

Trio of Cosmic Snapshots Turning Heads

A new composite image of Saturn's moon Titan is making headlines for its uncanny resemblance to Earth while two other celestial snapshots also have astronomers buzzing.

The Titan images, which were captured by the Cassini space probe, cut through a thick atmospheric haze to reveal remarkable details of the moon's surface.

Astronomers attribute the Earth-like appearance of Titan to a multitude of dunes on the moon's surface as well as rivers of methane.

The Titan image is one of three new space pictures which have made news recently.
Japan's space agency JAXA also released new images of Venus which were taken by its Akatsuki probe.

While that photo may pale in comparison to its counterparts, the true triumph is that it was taken at all, since the first attempt by the Japanese spacecraft to reach Venus in 2010 failed due to engine troubles.

Rounding out the trio of cosmic wonders, NASA showcased a strange image of a massive star which boasts a monstrous storm at its North Pole.

Scientists believe that the brown-dwarf, which resides 53 light-years away from Earth, possesses a relatively cool atmosphere that allows for clouds and storms to form. The enormous polar storm, they say, has likely been raging for at least two years!

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