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Trio of Troublesome Squirrels Thwarted in New Orleans

A week-long nightmare for one neighborhood in New Orleans has seemingly come to an end as authorities "apprehended" a trio of squirrels that had terrorized residents.

The trouble began last weekend when four different people were reportedly attacked by the rambunctious rodents.

For one victim, the incident proved to be particularly unsettling as the sullen squirrel was relentless in its attack.

"All of a sudden I felt something on my back and it was a squirrel," Gary Prechter told TV station WWL, "I grabbed it and I flung it down on the lane and it turned around and came back at me."

Prechter subsequently became a proverbial Paul Revere for his community, sounding the alarm about the creatures so that others will not find themselves on the receiving end of the rodents' rage.

"I'm telling everybody in the neighborhood beware of the squirrels," he said, "don't feed them any longer. They're not you're friend."

Fortunately, it would appear that Prechter's words of warning reached the right ears as the media attention surrounding the issue forced authorities into action.

Within a few days, the mayor of New Orleans announced that "we put our best team on the case" and revealed that this impromptu 'squirrel squad' had captured the three creatures believed to be behind the attacks.

While it may be too little too late for Prechter, who has to have a series of rabies shots due to the attack, at least he can rest easy knowing that his community is safe from the combative creatures ... for now.

Source: WWL-TV

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