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Trio of UFOs Spotted Near the ISS?

Anomaly hunters monitoring a video feed from the ISS suspect that they may have spotted a trio of UFOs hovering near the space station.

Footage from the moment they were noticed has generated considerable interest online as viewers can see three circular white objects appear below the ISS in Earth's atmosphere.

Although some people have suggested that the objects could be alien craft or even some kind of portal, skeptical observers beg to differ and argue that the anomalies are only clouds.

Former head of the UK's Ministry of Defense UFO desk, Nick Pope, echoed those sentiments to the British newspaper Daily Mail.

"Frankly, this looks like some sort of weather phenomenon to me - possibly nothing more exciting than large cloud formations," he told the media outlet.

Pope went on to note that the fact that the 'objects' appear to be in a straight lines gives the appearance that they are artificial craft flying in formation, but is really a rather natural occurrence when it comes to clouds.

As such, it's probably a safe bet that the trio of anomalous objects spotted 'near' the ISS were, indeed, simply clouds and not ET craft.

This conclusion is, ironically, bolstered by the fact that the video feed from the ISS did not suddenly cut out when they appeared, which seems to be the longstanding trend when it comes to suspicious activity near the space station.

Nonetheless, check out the video and let us know what you think at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Daily Mail

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