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Trump Win Dashes Dreams of UFO Disclosure

Trump Win Dashes Dreams of UFO Disclosure

Last night's stunning victory for Donald Trump dealt a devastating blow to the UFO disclosure movement which had pinned its hopes on a Clinton presidency.

Beginning with positive comments about the UFO phenomenon back in January and subsequent statements surrounding the issue, Clinton and her campaign chair John Podesta seemed poised to produce some kind of insights into the enigma should she win the presidency.

Alas, for Clinton and UFO enthusiasts, that was not to be and, with her defeat, the prospect for official government disclosure seems bleaker than ever.

While there is always the possibility that the Trump administration will be responsible for revealing 'the truth' about UFOs to the public, nothing from the President-elect's past suggests that would be the case.

Reached for a comment on last night's election results, UFO disclosure advocate Stephen Bassett expressed dismay to C2C, saying "the greatest lie in history continues, the greatest intellectual failure (American academia) in history continues, and the shame of American journalism continues."

Bassett went on tell us, "there are 70 days left to effectuate disclosure under President Obama assuming the intellectual elite, the wealthy elite, and journalistic elite are willing to lift a finger. And if they choose not to, then they will reap the whirlwind."

What becomes of the UFO disclosure movement in both the near and long term future is decidedly uncertain, but, if history is any indication, the tireless quest will no doubt continue in some form or fashion for those who still yearn for answers.

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