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Turkeys Torment CT Neighborhood

Turkeys Torment CT Neighborhood

Residents of a neighborhood in Stamford, Connecticut are crying foul over a group of wild turkeys that have seemingly declared war on humans.

It is believed that the problem began earlier this summer when someone in the community decided to feed the birds, which wildlife experts say is a major mistake when it comes to turkeys.

Since that time, the birds have not only lost their fear of people, but now see them as challengers to their perceived territory.

According to local politician Steven Kolenberg, numerous residents have complained about the aggressive animals chasing after them and some senior citizens say that they are actually afraid to leave the house because of the angry birds.

Additionally, postal workers have also become frequent targets of the turkeys, due to the mail carriers' daily forays through the neighborhood.

Making matters even more worrisome is that an elementary school sits at the heart of the animals' territory, leaving residents concerned about the ornery creatures possibly attacking their children.

While Kolenberg hopes that the city's animal control department can put a stop to the turkeys' reign of terror, the politician is prepared to take the battle to the birds should authorities fail to thwart them.

"We need the community to come together and stop feeding the turkeys," he told the Stamford Advocate, "and if they still continue to come around, we need to harass them and push them out and make it uncomfortable for these turkeys to be in our neighborhood."

Source: Stamford Advocate

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