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Two Dozen Rattlesnakes Found Lurking Under House in Texas

The unsettling appearance of a rattlesnake slithering out of their toilet was only the beginning of an even more unnerving experience for a family in Texas when they found out their home was rife with the reptiles!

The strangeness started when their young son spotted a rattlesnake when he visited the bathroom and promptly reported the scaly intruder to his mother.

After a few harrowing moments, Cassie McFadden killed the creature and likely assumed that it was an isolated incident.

However a later visit from an exterminator uncovered a truly terrifying scene below the house.

Searching in an old storm cellar as well as under the home, snake hunter Nathan Hawkins discovered an astounding 23 more of the venomous creatures!

The rhumba of rattlesnakes, which is the remarkable name for such a group of animals, were subsequently removed by Hawkins much to the relief of the McFadden family.

That said, we wouldn't blame them for being on edge for the next few months, since Hollywood tells us that there has to be one last, lonely rattlesnake that was left behind and could be looking for revenge.

Source: Washington Post

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