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Two-Headed Snake Caught in AR

During an otherwise routine home inspection, an electrician in Arkansas made a jaw-dropping discovery: a two-headed rattlesnake!

Rodney Kelso says that he spotted the hydra-like creature lounging in the sun and, thinking quickly, grabbed some gloves so that he could ease the animal into a box for safekeeping.

The impromptu snake charmer subsequently brought the two-headed serpent, which measured around eleven inches long, to a nearby nature center.

While some may decry Kelso's decision to intervene and take the snake away from its natural habitat, animal experts say that it was probably for the best.

Incredibly, as explained by a specialist at the nature center, the snake actually possesses two independent minds, so to speak, due to the pair of heads.

And so, like in a bad sci fi comedy, disagreements between the two brains sharing one body would likely give it a distinct disadvantage when faced with reacting to a dangerous situation.

Source: KFSM

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