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UFO Chicken Coop 'Lands' in Idaho

An Idaho couple with an affinity for aliens has built an amazing tribute to UFO lore in their backyard by way of a flying saucer-shaped chicken coop.

The remarkable structure was fashioned out of a pair of repurposed satellite dishes and, lest one was worried about the chickens living inside, is actually climate controlled in order to keep the birds warm during the winter.

In addition to some portholes atop the coop and lights circling the 'UFO,' the Boise-based couple also hopes to add an automated ramp to the 'craft.'

Although a video showcasing their work has become somewhat a viral hit, how the chickens feel about the kooky coop is a mystery.

Let's just hope the birds do not harbor any fears of being abducted by aliens, otherwise they may find their new home to be a rather nightmarish place to live.

Source: KIVI

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