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UFO House For Sale in New Zealand

UFO House For Sale in New Zealand

One of the famed Futuro Houses is up for sale, but prospective buyers will have to move to New Zealand if they want to live in it.

The flying saucer-shaped residences, affectionately dubbed 'UFO Houses' today, were the brainchild of Finnish architect Matti Suuronen and popped up in various parts of the world during the 1960's and 70's.

Of the 100 or so Futuro Houses thought to have been built during that proverbial 'wave,' only around 60 of the sites remain standing today.

One of them is in Wellington, New Zealand and, as luck would have it for anyone who has yearned to get a hold of a 'UFO House' of their own, it is now on the market.

Juanita Clearwater purchased the nostalgic nook back in 2013, but the runaway success of her baking product business left her with few chances to even visit the home, leading her to begrudgingly sell the saucer to someone who can care for it.

And therein lies the catch if you were daydreaming about somehow having the 'UFO House' shipped to your hometown as Clearwater says that she will only sell it to someone who will keep the Futuro House in Wellington.

In fact, she has already turned down previous requests from people who were looking to pull off just such a move.

That said, Clearwater's decision to sell the home has generated a considerable amount of media interest and could cause someone to step forward with an offer she can't refuse for the house valued at around $150,000 American dollars.

Considering how the remaining 'UFO Houses' are being threatened by the ravages of time and housing regulations, lets hope that the home's future owner ensures that the increasingly-rare residence can continue to amaze observers long into the future.

Source: New Zealand Herald

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