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UFO Hunt Goes Awry in Mass

UFO Hunt Goes Awry in Mass

Proving that ghost hunters aren't the only paranormal enthusiasts prone to misadventures, a trio of hikers in search of UFOs had to be rescued from the wilderness in Massachusetts on Thursday night.

The group called State Police after they climbed a large hill in the expansive Blue Hills Reservation state park and realized that the weather conditions made it dangerous for them to descend in the dark.

This was especially the case for one of the would-be ufologists who, for some strange reason, opted to wear slippers on the hike!

Beyond the curious choice of footwear, the group also forgot to bring flashlights and their cell phone batteries nearly ran out of power during the clearly impromptu affair.

"We were a little unprepared," one of the hikers told the Boston Globe in what may be the understatement of the year.

Fortunately, after dispatching ground personnel, K-9 units, and even a helicopter, State Police were able to locate the group and managed to help them get out of their predicament.

Despite its disastrous ending, one of the hikers told TV station WHDH that their UFO hunt proved fruitful and that they spotted, "these two ships that had these bright spotlights and then we saw this weird orb thing that was like a spotlight."

This prompted the astute observation from the reporter, "too bad they couldn't lead you back down, though" to which the 'witness' replied, "no, they weren't very helpful."

The strange saga appears to confirm suspicions that ETs are not here to save us and to expect otherwise might just leave one up a creek without a paddle or, in this case, atop a mountain wearing slippers.

Source: Boston Globe / WHDH

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