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UFO Spotted at Great Barrier Reef?

UFO Spotted at Great Barrier Reef?

While returning home from a fishing trip, an Australian woman may have captured evidence of curious aliens doing some sightseeing at the Great Barrier Reef.

Jenny Morrison snapped a few photographs of a majestic-looking sunset as her day of fishing with friends near the famed coral reef system came to an end.

Upon returning home and looking at the images from her adventure, Morrison was amazed to see that they featured a strange, glowing dot hovering in the sky.

Surrounding this speck of light is an odd haze, of sorts, that almost resembles the classic 'flying saucer' shape.

Morrison insists that she did not manipulate the photos in any way and concedes that she is mystified by what she photographed.

Skeptics will likely say that the 'UFO' is some kind of photographic anomaly created by some combination of the setting sun and the water beneath it.

While that is certainly possible, there's a certain element of Earthly pride that leaves one hoping that just maybe the oddity was an actual alien expedition in search of Earth's most breathtaking natural landmarks.

Source: news.com.au

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