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UFO Spotted on Lunar Live Stream?

Anomaly hunters watching a live stream of the moon from the Miami Observatory believe they spotted a UFO briefly flying into view.

The footage, taken from a broadcast on December 3rd, initially appears to be a rather mundane look at the lunar surface.

However, that all changes when a dark, circular anomaly suddenly flies across the screen.

As one might expect, UFO enthusiasts contend that the object is not of human origin and, thus, is some kind of alien vehicle.

Their reasoning is that the mysterious sphere lacks any evidence of solar panels nor an antenna which would indicate that it came from Earth.

Skeptics, no doubt, will chalk the event up to a technical error or celestial misidentification.

What may be most striking about the unknown object is that it bears an uncanny resemblance to a distinctly circular UFO also filmed flying over the lunar surface during last month's supermoon.

The recurring appearance of this specific type of 'UFO' suggests that there may, indeed, be a terrestrial explanation for the 'flying saucers,' although such a solution has yet to be offered from scientists.

Check out the intriguing video and let us know what you think the odd anomaly might be at the C2C Facebook page.

Source: Express

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