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UFOs Spotted on SpaceX Feed?

A strange series of events surrounding anomalies seen on a live feed from SpaceX has raised suspicions among some UFO enthusiasts.

The broadcast in question occurred during the private space company's successful launch of a re-used Falcon 9 rocket on Thursday.

As the rocket left the Earth's atmosphere and entered space, viewers watching a live feed from a camera on the Falcon 9 noticed several bright white orbs in the distance.

However, they were only allowed a brief glimpse as the feed quickly switched to a computer animation tracking the rocket's journey in space.

The sudden end to the live feed broadcast left many wondering if the company purposely cut the transmission due to the UFOs.

Similar allegations have been levied against NASA by conspiracy theorists who often accuse the space agency of stopping their live feed from the ISS when UFOs appear.

As one might expect, skeptics say that the 'UFOs' were probably just debris that appeared to be moving like a craft in space due to the trajectory of the rocket.

While that very well may be the case, the incident suggests that, as the private space industry continues to advance, it will almost certainly be enveloped by conspiracy theories surrounding a purported UFO cover-up.

It's somewhat of an unfortunate dilemma facing companies venturing into space, since they will be expected to either reveal the truth about UFOs or be accused of keeping it a secret.

Then again, considering the prices that people will someday be paying to travel into space, it's likely to be little more than a minor annoyance to companies poised to profit from wealthy tourists wishing to journey to the stars.

Source: Daily Star

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