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UK Company Creates 'Comet Perfume'

UK Company Creates 'Comet Perfume'

A perfume company in the UK has concocted a new scent which uses data from ESA's Philae probe to replicate the smell of a comet!

The Aroma Company was commissioned by the space agency to develop the perfume for a science exhibition next month.

An analysis of the chemicals found on comet 67P by the Philae lander allowed the company to determine the composition of the celestial scent and craft it here on Earth.

Unfortunately the perfume sounds much more fantastic in theory rather than in execution as one reporter who was previewed the scent described it as a combination akin to cat urine, rotten eggs, and bitter almonds.

As such, we're guessing that the futuristic perfume will not be taking the world by storm after it is unveiled to the public next month.

If the off-putting scent is any indication of how the rest of space may smell, perhaps that explains why it has taken so long for aliens to make themselves known to us, since you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Source: Smithsonian Magazine

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