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UK Couple Abandons Their Time Zone

UK Couple Abandons Their Time Zone

A retired couple in the UK were so enamored with living one hour ahead of their normal time zone while on vacation that they decided to stay that way when they got home!

Jim and Barbara Casey returned from a vacation in the Canary Islands and promptly rewound all of their clocks to reflect their new preferred time.

The strange decision, they say, has led to longer days and the ability to avoid nuisances like traffic or crowded restaurants.

They've even named the odd practice 'Winter Adjustment for Retired People' or WARP.

Behind the perceived convenience of their new time zone, they also attribute the change to a desire to be different from their fellow Britons while repudiating the government.

In fact, the Caseys claim, if the UK adopted their new time zone, they would actually feel compelled to still stay one hour ahead of that time as well.

By being able to bypass traffic and never have to wait for a table when going out to eat, the couple may wish they had kept their odd adjustment a secret, lest it becomes popular and they are forced to stay ahead of the curve once again.

Source: The Independent

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