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UK Has No Plan for Alien Contact?

UK Has No Plan for Alien Contact?

A former UK Ministry of Defense official has cautioned that the country seemingly has no plan in place should aliens visit Earth.

Previously in charge of the UK MoD's UFO project and now a popular figure in the world of ufology, Nick Pope made the remarkable admission to the Metro newspaper.

Although Pope did not cite a specific reason for why there is no plan, he theorized that the UK government sees an alien visitation as such an impossibility that they have not even bothered to produce one.

Should the incredible scenario unfold, however, he believes that the country, as well as most other nations, would quickly assemble teams of scientists to tackle the 'problem.'

Unfortunately, Pope also envisions a veritable 'gold rush,' which could turn ugly, involving powerful countries and corporations hoping to acquire advanced alien technology.

Nonetheless, once the proverbial ET dust settles, the former MOD official mused, the arrival of aliens would probably serve to unite the world's population.

While that may be the case, if we are truly unprepared for alien contact, the newfound feeling that all of us are Earthlings could be fleeting as we are quickly vaporized by the invading ETs.

Coast Insider can hear more insights from Nick Pope by checking out his appearance on the 6/29/2013 edition of the program.

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Source: Metro

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