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UK Mom Details Terrifying Haunting

UK Mom Details Terrifying Haunting

A mother in England says that her young son was so tormented by a ghost in their home that she had to enlist 'paranormal experts' for help.

Kirsty Lee claims that the harrowing events began after she and her son, Kyran, moved into their new home and noticed odd activity like toys inexplicably scattered across the floor and doors locking on their own.

However, those relatively minor happenings were merely the beginning of a truly nightmarish ordeal for the family.

According to Lee, she realized something sinister was amiss when Kyran woke up one night in hysterics.

After seemingly calming him down, she was left shaken when the young child began speaking in a strange voice and laughing maniacally.

While the mom's story may sound rather suspicious to skeptical readers, other witnesses appeared to confirm that the home had an unwanted guest of paranormal variety.

When the child of a family friend visited the home, the youngster reportedly told his parents that there was a "big fat man" lurking in the house.

Additionally, Lee's father, a self-described psychic, said that he could tell the house was haunted when he recognized the tell-tale sign of a spirit: a pungent odor reminiscent of a sweat sock.

The hair-raising haunting culminated when Lee later witnessed her son being dragged across the floor by an invisible entity which she believes came into the home via some kind of vortex about the boy's bed.

This final incident led Lee to seek help from a paranormal investigation group led by a woman named 'Spooky Julie.'

By way of a two hour séance, Julie and company allegedly not only found the purported spirit vortex but also determined that the ghost was that of a large man who had bullied his children and died after being stabbed.

Since the visit from the ghost hunters, Lee and her son have reportedly been free from the monstrous entity that had wreaked havoc on their lives.

Source: Gazette Live

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