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UK 'Mystery Tourist' Phenomenon Solved

After months of speculation as to why a small village in England has been inundated with Chinese tourists, it appears that the mystery has finally been unraveled.

The puzzling phenomenon first came to light over the summer, when residents in the village of Kidlington began noticing groups of tourists arriving in their community by the busload.

Although the influx was greeted with confusion at first, it eventually grew to become somewhat of a nuisance as the interlopers began peering into people's windows and lurking in their gardens.

Since the tourists did not speak any English, why they opted to visit the area remained a mystery with various theories being offered.

Some possibilities included that the tourists thought Harry Potter was filmed in the village or that the area's sudden popularity was the result of a social experiment created by a nearby college.

However, reporters from the BBC may have finally cracked the case by creating a survey written in Chinese and giving it to the throngs of tourists that had descended upon Kindlington.

Rather than an elaborate explanation for their visit, the respondents explained that they came to Kidlington because they liked the village's quiet houses and nice gardens.

Compared to the bustling cities where the tourists live China, it seems that the serene setting in Kidlington is downright exotic.

The surprisingly simple reasoning will no doubt instill pride in the residents of Kidlington and likely assuage fears that they were victims of some kind of prank.

Nonetheless, we can't help but wonder why it took months to solve what was apparently a rather mundane mystery.

Source: BBC News

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