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UK Mystic Predicts the Future Using Asparagus!

UK Mystic Predicts the Future Using Asparagus!

A woman in England with an alleged gift for predicting the future has garnered attention due to her unique method for forecasting which harnesses the power of asparagus!

Jemima Packington has earned the nickname 'The Asparamancer' thanks to her unorthodox use of the vegetable as a medium for seeing into the future.

Packington's technique consists of throwing the asparagus into the air and then studying how it lands on the ground.

The chaotic collection of asparagus stalks, she says, contains insights into the future which she is able to see.

As one might expect, Packington's one-of-a-kind style of soothsaying has proven to be a big hit at England's annual Asparagus Festival, where the self-proclaimed psychic performs up to fifty readings a day!

Fortunately, the vegetable-based visionary recently performed a session which looked at potential events for 2017 and shared her findings with the world.

According to the asparagus, this year will see the UK move forward with the Brexit plan as other EU nations also try to leave the organization.

Additionally, Packington says that the reputation of the United States will suffer due to Donald Trump, the British Royal Family will face difficulties, and major scandals will erupt surrounding high profile athletes.

Although the predictions may seem rather vague, they are actually pretty detailed when you consider that they came from a bundle of asparagus.

Source: Mirror

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