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UK TV Show Aims to Train Dogs to Fly a Plane!

UK TV Show Aims to Train Dogs to Fly a Plane!

In what is either the height of ingenuity or the depth of insanity, an upcoming television program in the UK will be training dogs to fly a plane!

Animal behavior experts behind the show chose twelve shelter dogs to take part in the audacious experiment after scouring the UK for the ideal canine candidates.

Fashioned like any other bizarre reality show, the dogs will compete in a series of challenges, beginning with basic tests and leading to actual flight school for the best performing pooches.

Out of that, a top dog will be crowned and, amazingly, be put behind the controls of a light aircraft to take to the skies.

When informed of the program, one canine psychology expert out of Canada expressed doubt that a dog could be taught to fly a plane and likened their intelligence to that of a three-year-old.

While we are hard pressed to disagree with the psychologist, we also do not want to underestimate the potential of contenders such as Blondie, Shadow, and, our favorite, Wilf.

The series is set to premiere in two weeks, meaning that Wilf or one of his rivals from the program may be airborne sometime in the not-too-distant future.

Should the experiment prove successful and actually teach a dog to fly a plane, it will also answer another pressing question: who is crazy enough to ride in a plane flown by a dog?

Source: The Independent

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