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UK Woman Haunted by 'Ghost Orphan'

A woman in the UK says that she has been haunted by a 'ghost orphan' ever since she inadvertently took a picture of the spirit three years ago.

Hannah Butler took the eerie shot during a ghost walk back in 2013 at an area that the tour guide said was a place where the spirit of an orphaned girl was said to lurk.

Like any good ghost tour patron, Butler took numerous pictures of the spot, but the anomaly only appeared in one image.

When she noticed it later in the tour while perusing her photos, Butler became terrified and actually had to leave the tour right then and there.

However, she claims, that was only the beginning of her encounters with the 'ghost girl.'

During a daylight visit to the site the following week, Butler and some companions attempted to communicate with the girl using something she called a 'yes and no board.'

During the alleged exchange, they asked if the girl wanted to be friends with Butler and the spirit purportedly said yes.

Since then, Butler believes she has been visited in her dreams numerous times by the 'ghost girl' and has developed an odd kinship with the spirit since it ostensibly chose her to communicate with and appear to.

The connection, whether real or imagined, is so profound for the woman that she confessed to actually feeling guilty about recently moving 300 miles away because she might be abandoning her spirit friend.

Fortunately, since ghosts don't seem to be bound by the laws of space and time, there's probably a good chance that she hasn't seen the last of friendly ghost.

Source: Express

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