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UK Woman Reports Bizarre Werewolf Encounter

UK Woman Reports Bizarre Werewolf Encounter

A woman in the English village of Halsham claims that she and her friends had a terrifying encounter with what could only be called a werewolf!

The bizarre sighting occurred as the group was going to get a pizza and one of the passengers in Jemma Waller's car thought he had seen a fox near the road.

Waller says that she then looked out her window and was stunned to see a dog rise from four legs to two and walk towards her car.

Chillingly, she noted that this was clearly no ordinary dog as the canine looked to be as big as her car and sported a human face!

Fortunately for Waller and her friends, she opted to keep driving and the mysterious 'dog man' dashed away from the car rather than pursue the party.

While one might suspect that the group were merely influenced by the series of werewolf sightings that happened in the area a few months ago, but it appears that may not actually be the case.

Waller asserts that they only found about the stories when they later stopped for gas, told an attendant about their sighting.

He, in turn, regaled them with tale of the Beast of Barnstom Drain, a purported werewolf that set off a small panic back in May when numerous residents in the city of Hull reportedly spotted a bipedal canine cryptid.

With Halsham being only about 12 miles from Hull, it's entirely possible that whatever had been frightening Hull residents a few months ago has made its way to the nearby village.

In total, the various sightings reported this year have raised the specter of the legendary UK werewolf which bears the unfortunate name of 'Old Stinker.'

That particular creature allegedly lurked in the English countryside and unnerved farmers for two centuries via a series of sightings.

We're guessing that this new werewolf is not the original 'Old Stinker' and suspect that may it learned a trick or two from its predecessor, since it managed to acquire the much moniker Beast of Barnstom Drain.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the werewolf or bipedal canine cryptid phenomenon can check out author Linda Godfrey's 8/26/2012 appearance on the program.

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Source: Hull Daily Mail

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