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UK's Largest Worm Discovered and Then Killed

For a brief moment in time, an enormous earthworm enjoyed the glory of being the largest worm ever discovered in the UK and then scientists murdered him!

The giant earthworm had been discovered by a young boy in Scotland, who gave it the all-too-human name 'Dave.'

Measuring an astounding 15.7 inches long, Dave was delivered to a group known as the Earthworm Society of Britain to, ostensibly, be showered with awards and citations for his record-breaking size.

Unfortunately, scientists at England's Natural History Museum had other ideas for Dave.

Despite rumors, perhaps being planted by the 'powers that be,' that he died in transit to the museum, Earthworm Society of Britain chairperson Emma Sherlock conceded that Dave had, indeed, been killed so that he could be displayed as part of their collection.

Trying to put a positive spin on the decision, Sherlock claimed that Dave's death was painless and that he will 'life forever' as one of the museum's specimens.

As one might suspect, the worm's untimely demise was greeted with outrage on social media, where the hashtag #JusticeForDave was adopted by sudden fans of the creature that had just been discovered to exist days earlier.

Sadly, one suspects that there will be no justice for Dave and that his story will prove to be even more heartbreaking when someone discovers a 16-inch long earthworm to displace the once-proud record holder.

It is then that we will truly know that Dave died for nothing at all.

Source: The Guardian / Huffington Post

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