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Under a Full Moon

Under a Full Moon

As I walked home last night I was surprised to see a large telescope planted on a city street. A courtesy of the Sidewalk Astronomers, they refer to their mission as "urban guerilla astronomy." It was a kick to see the fine details of a lunar crater even as the noise and lights of the city surrounded me.

Does the world seem a little crazier when the moon turns full as it is doing tonight? Lunar effects have been tied to increases in such things as homicide rates, births, casino payouts, psychiatric admissions, traffic accidents and suicides. Though numerous studies have found little statistical evidence to back-up these assertions, there remains an intuitive sense that tells you-yes, things do get a bit wilder on the night of a full moon. Hey, that's when all the lunatics come out!

Though full moon wildness may be more mythic than factual, there is some evidence that lunar cycles can have an effect in such areas as fishing, hunting and agriculture. Some pagans and Wiccans believe that each of the moon's phases (full, waxing, waning, dark) is best for certain types of activities. According to the Magick's Realm website(1), when the moon is full, "wild impulses roam about and aggressively captivate the atmosphere, demand recognition and influence emotional behavior...Knowing this, it is at these special moments that Enchanters, wishing to utilize an additional advantage cast Spells!"

--L.L. (2)

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