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Underwater Pyramid Found on Google Earth?

An anomaly hunter from Argentina believes he has discovered a submerged structure shaped like a pyramid off the coast of Mexico using Google Earth.

The oddly-shaped find, which was spotted by researcher Marcelo Igazusta, measures approximately eight-and-a-half miles across and appears to be illuminated.

Some researchers have speculated that it could be a submerged pyramid, noting the prevalence of such structures in nearby Latin America.

More imaginative observers have even suggested that the anomaly could be either a UFO or an alien base!

Undoubtedly, skeptics will say that the 'structure' is merely a natural formation and that fantastic theories attached to it are simply wishful thinking.

In light of the disappointment which arose following the 'discovery' of a lost Mayan city via similar means back in May, it's probably best to withhold judgement on the submerged structure until more information becomes available.

That said, check out the video and let us know what you think the anomaly may be at our Facebook page.

Source: Daily Mail

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