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Unlocking the Extraterrestrial Rosetta Stone

Unlocking the Extraterrestrial Rosetta Stone

Aliens have been communicating with us - both verbally and telepathically - and now a linguistics expert is attempting to decipher their language with an extraterrestrial Rosetta Stone.

The author of "How to Talk to an Alien" Nancy du Terte told C2C about the latest developments in a field she calls "exo-lingusitics".

The problem du Terte said is that we don’t know what we're looking for.

"You need to learn how to read unconventional communications," she told George.

While some crop circles appear to have been made by humans, du Terte explained, "They appeared to be guided by some other type of non-human intelligence in the designs they were dreaming up and creating. I believe there is some sort of communication going on with the crop circles."

"I don't believe that all of it is telepathic. I've found too many cases where different alien races or species are communicating through audible speech," du Terte said, disagreeing with other researchers who claim all communication is made telepathically with contactees or abduction victims.

She said that by analyzing artifacts or symbols, the contactees remember from their experiences, a pattern begins to form.

"And you compare them," du Terte elaborated.

"What I'm proposing is to create a large data base of written and speech communications so that we can create kind of like a Rosetta Stone - because that's how they figured out what Egyptian hieroglyphics meant. It was the same government edict that was written on the same stone in three different languages. You had the Egyptian Demotic script and Greek and the hieroglyphics. They finally figured out what the hieroglyphics meant that way. So, they triangulated it."

"You can do the same thing with language. So, with written language, what I'm suggesting, is that you look at not only the actual artifacts - if you can get them - like an I-beam from Roswell…or any other types of artifacts that you can find. You compare those to memories of alien writing or alien symbols – mostly from contactees or abductees - and then the third leg of this triangulation, you compare it to channeled language or automatic writing."

Based on her research, Du Terte said that "Many aliens are polyglots and they have the ability to speak many languages. Some of them are doing it naturally through their intelligence. Some of them are doing it through a type of equipment."

And while the highly advanced aliens are reportedly very communicative with one another, they don't seem to want to openly talk to us.

"I think they're careful in their approach," du Terte told George. "There's a learning curve for them in dealing with us and maybe we're not that interesting ultimately."

To hear more of the fascinating interview with Nancy du Terte, click here.

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