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'Vampire Fish' Population Surges in UK

'Vampire Fish' Population Surges in UK

With summer fast approaching, experts in the UK are warning residents to be on their guard as the country's rivers have seen a surge in 'vampire fish.'

The gruesome creatures, known as lampreys, earned their nightmarish nickname due to an ability to latch onto their prey and suck their blood.

Unlike some denizens of the deep which may be fearful of people, the 'vampire fish' appear to have developed a taste for human flesh and will readily attack swimmers if they are hungry.

Ironically, the troubling animal had been seen its population dwindle in the UK until efforts to clean up the nations waterways resulted a renaissance for the bloodsucking beasts.

As such, areas that have never had to contend with the parasitic pests are now reporting record numbers of the fish in their rivers.

Swimmers are advised to be cautious when venturing into these locations, lest they fall victim to the 'vampire fish' and its razor-sharp teeth.

Source: Daily Star

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