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Vandal Slashes $3 Million Painting

A nefarious ne'er-do-well charged into an Aspen, Colorado gallery last week and slashed a painting said to be worth $3 million dollars!

The brazen act of vandalism was captured by security cameras at the gallery and subsequently shared by Aspen police who are investigating the case.

Clad in a cap, sunglasses and one blue glove, the man can be seen furtively entering Aspen's Opera Gallery and heading towards a painting by abstract artist Christopher Wool.

The man then pulls out a sharp object and slashes the painting twice before quickly dashing out of the gallery as a confused employee comes around the corner.

According to police, there may have been some planning involved in the caper as the gallery reportedly received a handful of phone calls from a blocked number where the caller asked if the Wool painting was still there.

The director of the gallery was baffled that Wool's work was targeted, since he isn't a known as a particularly controversial artist.

Then again, as the old saying goes, everyone's a critic.

Source: NBC News

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