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Vandals Trash UFO Museum

Vandals Trash UFO Museum

By Tim Binnall

Authorities in Nova Scotia, Canada are investigating an unfortunate incident in which some ne'er-do-wells trashed a museum dedicated to the famed Shag Harbour UFO event. The senseless act of vandalism reportedly occurred some time after the interpretive center had closed for the evening on Friday. Laurie Wickens, who both works at the museum and was a key figure in the UFO case itself, discovered significant damage had been done to the museum when he went to open the building the following morning.

"There were two cash registers that were upside on the floor and a bunch of pop cans and mugs had been thrown all over the place," he told the CBC. Wickens promptly phoned the police, who arrived on the scene and found that the miscreants had also smashed some of the windows by throwing various UFO and alien-themed items found at the center through the glass from inside the building. Beyond that, the vandals made use of the museum's fire extinguisher to do even more damage to the center.

Wickens theorized that whoever was behind the crime was clearly more interested in causing chaos rather than simply robbing the museum. "They would have just taken the cash and left," he observed, "they wouldn't have destroyed the place." Although the extent of the damage done to the center has yet to be determined, it appears that Wickens and company will not be deterred as they plan to re-open the building later this week. Meanwhile, police are hoping to find the culprits behind the vandalism and bring them to justice.

The legendary UFO incident to which the museum is dedicated occurred back in October of 1967 when a mysterious glowing object fell from the sky and plunged into the waters of Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia. Considered to be one of the most promising UFO cases of all time, because of official government documents supporting the strange nature of the event, the incident has come to be known as 'Canada's Roswell.' That designation is somewhat ironic, in light of this past weekend's events, as the Roswell UFO Museum also fell victim to 'pranksters' who stole a flying saucer from the site a few years ago and subsequently smashed it on the side of a road.

Coast Insiders can learn more about the Shag Harbour incident by checking out the 6/22/2015 edition of the program featuring authors Chris Styles and Graham Simms. Not a Coast Insider yet? Sign up today.

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