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Vanished Irish Beach Reappears After 33 Years

Residents of a village on an Irish island may have thought they had traveled back in time as a beloved beach that had disappeared in 1984 had suddenly returned.

Located on Achill Island, the picturesque beach was washed away 33 years ago in a massive storm that left it reduced to a rocky shore.

Along with the sand from the beach, the weird event proved disastrous for the local community as the location ceased to be a tourist destination and caused the shuttering of a number of businesses and hotels.

However, things may be turning around for the village after a series of storms in late April carried tons of sand back to the area and reformed the long-lost beach.

As one might expect, residents of the village are said to be delighted by their good fortune and hope that the beach will stick around for a while.

Whether that proves to be the case or not, it has already begun to work its magic in the area as tourists are reportedly flocking to the revived beach.

And, with summer right around the corner, former hotel managers and café owners may be working the phones in an attempt to get the gang back together for one more magical season in the sun.

Source: The Guardian

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