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Vermont Town Tries to Avoid Monkey Mania

Perhaps worried about a Wessie-esque frenzy overwhelming their quiet community, police in Bellows Falls, Vermont are downplaying an alleged monkey sighting in their town.

Authorities had originally shared the odd report on their Facebook page Tuesday morning, but deleted the post only a few days later for an illuminating reason.

The chief of police in Bellows Falls told a local news station that the department took down the post because all of the attention it generated had "gotten too out of hand."

Expressing regret about sharing the report online, he explained that the department was ill-equipped for the sheer volume of media requests about the story.

In a response more befitting a murder investigation rather than a monkey sighting, the chief indicated that Bellows Falls police would not discuss the case with the media.

Nonetheless, he stressed that the simian is ostensibly on the loose and, as such, anyone who may see the monkey should report it to the police.

The bureaucratic turnaround sheds light on the unique challenges which face law enforcement officials when a strange creature is spotted in their midst.

While residents of the town may have visions of the 'Bellows Falls Baboon' being a boon to local businesses, the unfortunate chief of police must answer phone calls all day from news outlets around the world.

Source: WMUR

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