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Video: 163 New Species Discovered

A new report from the World Wildlife Fund details an incredible array of previously undiscovered species of animals and plants found in an area of Asia known as Greater Mekong.

Standing out among the creatures are a snake which sports a rainbow-colored head, a breathtakingly vivid newt, and a gruesome-looking bat that would have been best left undiscovered.

All told, a whopping 163 different species of fish, plants, mammals, and other assorted creatures were documented by researchers as they explored the untouched wilderness of the region.

Conservationists celebrated the new additions to the cata, but cautioned that they should serve as a stark reminder of how fragile our planet's wildlife is in the face of human development.

This is particularly the case for Greater Mekong, which has produced nearly 2,500 such discoveries over the last 20 years.

With that jaw-dropping number in mind, perhaps they'll find a Greater Mekong species of Bigfoot next time they head into the jungle.

Source: LiveScience

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