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Video: 5 Amazing Mythical Creatures & Entities

Occupying the nebulous realm of urban legend and mythic lore are a number of fantastic beasts and bizarre beings that have allegedly been spotted over the years.

YouTube user Top5s has compiled an enlightening collection of incredible tales where witnesses claim to have encountered these strange creatures and entities.

Easily the weirdest case featured in the video is that of entities with misshapen heads that purportedly lurk in the forests of various states such as Michigan and Ohio.

Dubbed 'melonheads,' these mysterious humanoids burst into the zeitgeist in the 1970's and became a part of various local legends.

Akin to other strange stories that spread by word of mouth, the tale of the melonheads' origin differed depending on which state they are found.

However all of the stories seem to revolve around a nefarious doctor or evil orphanage that mistreated children who had misshapen heads due to a medical condition until the kids escaped into the wilderness.

This might suggest that the melonheads are simply a campfire story that took on a life of its own decades ago, but in some areas of the country there are still people who insist that they encountered the entities.

Among the other tales covered in the countdown are the infamous Michigan Dogman and the legendary Springheeled Jack.

Coast Insiders can also learn about those cases by checking out appearances on the program by author Linda Godfrey and Lionel Fanthorpe, respectively.

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