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Video: 5 Amazing Tales of Kids Raised by Animals

If you've just about had it with the kids being home for summer vacation, remember that things could be worse as there are some children that were literally raised by animals!

YouTube user Top5s shares five incredible true stories of unfortunate children that were abandoned by their family and subsequently raised by creatures in the wild.

Perhaps the most remarkable tale, since it has been so well documented, is the story of a Ukrainian girl named Oxana Malaya.

Shunned by her destitute parents at age three, the toddler found comfort amongst mongrel dogs residing on the family farm.

Amazingly, Malaya was adopted by the community of canines, which raised her for the next six years!

This led to the girl developing stunning dog-like behavior, such as eating raw meat and walking on all fours.

When police were eventually tipped off to the strange situation and went to investigate, she charged at them while barking and growling before being taken into custody.

Video footage of Malaya after her rescue is simply spellbinding and incredibly eerie as she acts like the dogs that she has lived with for the last six years and, aside from her outward appearance, barely resembles a human.

Fortunately, a combination of intense therapy and professional care ultimately allowed Malaya to develop some semblance of a normal life as she now not only knows language but even has a job.

Other astounding cases detailed in the video are a feral Cambodian girl who lived in the jungle for 19 years and the 'wolf boy of Moscow' who was discovered in a forest lair in 2007.

So next time you find yourself at the center of an afternoon tantrum from an ornery toddler, just be happy they weren't raised by your cat.

Source: YouTube

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