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Video: 5 Baffling Disappearances from National Parks

Made famous through the research of frequent C2C guest David Paulides, the phenomenon of people mysteriously vanishing from National Parks has captivated paranormal enthusiasts over the last few years.

YouTube user Top5s has collected five of the most compelling and confounding cases of these unsolved disappearances.

Particularly puzzling is the tale of a hiker named Geraldine Largay, who disappeared while traveling along the Appalachian trail.

Two months into the exhaustive journey, her companion had to depart from the trip, leaving Largay to continue on her own.

The ill-fated hiker planned to travel only a brief distance further before meeting her husband at a designated location.

After she failed to arrive at the meeting, her husband alerted the authorities, who organized a massive search that encompassed a thirty mile radius, but no sign of Largay was found.

Two years later, the hiker's body was discovered under incredibly strange circumstances.

Largay's remains were found only three miles from where she had last been seen and in a place that had been repeatedly searched.

Even weirder, the scene indicated that the missing woman had survived in that spot for an astounding 27 days before passing away and had lived in her brightly-colored tent that should have been seen by the search party.

Local residents and frequent hikers along the trail expressed astonishment over the case because Largay wandering off the trail seemed unfathomable and she had stopped a remarkably short distance from where she could have easily gotten back on track.

Considering that she had ample supplies and strong hiking experience, the fact that Largay got seemingly stuck in one place for nearly a month without trying to find help or a way out of the forest is baffling.

And, in one final bizarre detail to the story, it is claimed that an unknown woman called the nearby ranger's station to inform them that Largay would miss the meeting with her husband.

The case of Geraldine Largay epitomizes the truly mystifying phenomenon of unexplained disappearances which have drawn the attention of so many researchers and curious minds over the last few years.

Coast Insiders looking to take a deep dive into what has been dubbed the 'Missing 411 Phenomenon' can check out numerous appearances on the program by researcher David Paulides, who can be credited with shining a spotlight on these strange disappearances.

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