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Video: 5 Cases of Evil Forces Unleashed by Ouija Boards

As any seasoned paranormal investigator can attest, playing with a Ouija Board can be a dangerous gamble since the device has a seemingly well-earned reputation for opening a door to demonic entities.

YouTube user Dark5 has collected five of the most unsettling incidents where it was said that an evil force was unleashed via the Ouija Board.

One of the more unnerving tales featured in the video is the story of Gary Gillmore, who was executed in the late 1970's for having committed a pair of murders.

Following his execution, Gillmore's brother stepped forward with a bizarre story from their childhood.

According to the man, when they were kids, their mother inadvertently conjured a demon while using a Ouija Board.

This entity, which she described as an inhumane creature, tormented her while she slept and eventually set its sights on young Gary.

It has been speculated that Gillmore was possessed by the spirit ever since and some suggest that is why he famously demanded that he be executed for his crimes and fought a lengthy legal battle to make it happen.

Could he have been trying to exorcise the demon by way of his own execution?

Other events featured in the video include a 2014 case where an evil force contacted by the Ouija Board wreaked havoc on a family in England and a mysterious person named 'Roland Doe' who may have inspired the story of the Exorcist via his misfortunes allegedly brought upon by the device.

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