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Video: 5 Cases of Strange Deaths That Followed UFO Encounters

While witnessing a UFO is generally described as a wondrous event by most people, there have been a handful of incidents where an encounter with the phenomenon allegedly led to someone's demise.

YouTube user Top 5 Unknowns has compiled some of the more compelling cases where it would appear that a UFO may have been an inadvertent and interstellar murder weapon.

Included in the collection is a detailed accounting of the infamous Todd Sees story, which some believe was a grisly example of the bizarre 'human mutilation' phenomenon.

The mysterious incident saw the Pennsylvania man vanish at the same time that neighboring witnesses reported seeing a UFO seemingly pull something into their craft using a beam of light!

After hours of searching for Sees, authorities eventually found his body under extremely suspicious circumstances and the subsequent investigation into his death was shrouded in secrecy.

Other cases profiled in the well-produced piece are the tale of two UFO contactees from the 1950's who flew away in an airplane en route to 'meeting with the space brothers' and were never seen again as well as an extremely strange series of flying saucer attacks that purportedly took the lives of seven people in India.

And Coast Insiders can learn more about the notorious tale of Todd Sees and the unsettling 'human mutilation' phenomenon by checking out Butch Witkoski's 7/18/2014 appearance on the program.

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