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Video: 5 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries

By their very nature, most mysteries are already rather creepy, but there are some cases that are stand out as particularly unnerving.

YouTube user Top5s has compiled a hair-raising collection of eerie events that defy explanation and will likely leave you more frightened than curious.

One of the more mind-boggling cases featured in the video is that of a man named Kenny Veach who vanished while searching for a mysterious cave in the desert near Nellis Air Force Base.

Prior to his disappearance, Veach had posted online about finding the remote site, which he said was shaped like an 'M,' and experiencing strange vibrations inside his body.

In response to a considerable amount of interest from people online, Veach attempted to return to the cave and film the location for all to see.

However, the aspiring explorer disappeared at some point during his quest in the desert and a subsequent search party found only his cellphone and no sign of his body anywhere.

Since Veach's story had been well-documented leading up to when he went missing, the case has spawned a myriad of theories including that he stumbled upon something secret and was silenced as well as the possibility that he faked his own death.

Other intriguing tales detailed in the riveting video are the baffling story of a dead man with no identity in South Carolina and three lighthouse workers that vanished from a lighthouse in Scotland.

Coast Insiders can go in-depth on the latter case, known as the Eilean Mor disappearances, by checking out the 12/20/2015 edition of the program featuring author Keith McCloskey.

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