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Video: 5 Eerie Cases of 'Missing Person' Sightings

One maddening and mystifying aspect of missing person cases are the rare instances where the vanished individual is seemingly spotted by bewildered witnesses.

YouTube user Dark5 has put together an eerie collection of creepy incidents where someone disappeared but were later seen under mysterious circumstances.

Perhaps the most haunting case detailed in the video occurred on Christmas Eve in 1945 when an inferno swept through the home of the Sodder family.

Although four of the children living there managed to flee the conflagration unscathed, the other five youngsters in the Sodder family simply vanished and their bodies were not found inside the charred home.

Their distraught parents insisted that the missing children had been kidnapped and that their disappearance was orchestrated by someone who had set fire to their home.

Although their claim may sound like wishful thinking from a family traumatized by the fiery tragedy, one neighbor reported seeing the lost children watching the fire from inside a cab outside.

Additionally, another witness allegedly saw the Sodder children at a hotel alongside a pair of Italian couples.

The theory that they were still alive was bolstered two decades later when the Sodder family purportedly received a photo of one of their departed children in the mail.

Nonetheless, the mystery of their whereabouts was never solved, despite exhaustive attempts by the Sodder family, including hiring a private investigator to look into the case.

Today, researchers largely believe that the Sodder children had died in the fire, but concede that there are enough strange events surrounding the case that the possibility that they were kidnapped is still quite viable.

Other spine-tingling stories detailed in the collection are the case of a man who vanished after falling overboard from a boat and later appeared as a disoriented beach comber as well as a young woman who disappeared in Texas and may have fallen in with an infamous serial killer known as the Texarkana Phantom.

Source: YouTube

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