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Video: 5 Eerie Halloween Mysteries

Although there are a bevy of frightening fictional tales and urban legends associated with Halloween, there are a handful of eerie events connected to the holiday that are both very real and quite unsettling.

YouTube user Dark5 has put together a collection of five mysterious Halloween incidents which are appropriately unsettling for the haunting holiday.

Included in the video is the case of a stock market analyst from New Mexico who vanished under strange circumstances after attending a Halloween party in 1988.

After allegedly acting out of the ordinary at the event, David Stone decided to venture off into the desert for reasons he never quite explained to his loved ones.

However, when residents of a remote area saw the young man walking along the road, he reportedly told them that he was in search of "the beast" and kept mumbling to himself.

Once it was realized that Stone had disappeared, authorities searched for him and found several bizarre 'clues' that left them baffled.

Among the anomalous finds were an inexplicable pyramid of rocks, ostensibly crafted by Stone since his watch was nearby, as well as the Fibonacci sequence and the number '18' written in the nearby sand.

Lest one think the man's disappearance on October 31st is mere coincidence, a note found in Stone's abandoned car suggests otherwise.

The creepy, rambling message alluded to hidden secrets and knives, concluding with the unnerving words, "yous take your chances Halloween."

As you may have surmised by now, Chris Stone was never found.

Other spooky stories featured in the showcase of Halloween horror stories are the infamous English television program 'Ghostwatch' which has been banned for the airways for 25 years and a UFO incident known as the Tinley Park Lights.

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