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Video: 5 Infamous 'Haunted' Forests

Although the idea of a frightening forest rife with unusual activity may seem like just a staple of fairy tale lore, there are a handful of places on the planet where the concept is all too real.

YouTube user Dark5 has compiled a video featuring five forests from around the world that boast truly unnerving stories surrounding them.

Perhaps most perplexing among the areas featured is a site in Poland known as Krzywy Las, where a patch of 400 pine trees somehow took on a strange curved shape when they grew.

Dubbed the 'Crooked Forest,' the puzzling arboreal wonder has stumped scientists and researchers for decades.

Some suspect that the curved trees were the product of human intervention in an attempt to better develop wood for boats and ships, although how it was done remains a mystery.

Others suggest that the odd forest was created via a natural albeit unknown phenomenon involving a gravitational anomaly or even an impact from an incoming space object.

Another eerie site detailed in the video is Japan's infamous Suicide Forest which has become a haunting final destination for hundreds of people wishing to end their lives every year.

No one is quite sure why the forest has drawn so many suicidal people, although Japanese officials have actually erected signs in the woods imploring visitors to reconsider their decision and seek help.

In light of the astounding number of people who have died there, it should be no surprise that there are numerous tales of evil spirits and ghosts of the departed lurking amidst the notorious forest.

Check out the complete video for more insights into other creepy places like Indiana's Yellowwood State Forest and Mexico's Island of the Dolls.

Source: YouTube

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