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Video: 5 Mysterious & Eerie Photographs

While a photograph can capture a moment in time that will be remembered forever, some select images have also managed to spawn incredible mysteries.

YouTube user Top5s has compiled an outstanding video featuring five such images and the perplexing stories behind them.

One of the more famous photographs featured in the video was taken during a 1913 heavyweight boxing match featuring an up-and-coming fighter named Luther McCarty.

Early in the bout, McCarty hit the ground after a few punches from his opponent and died on the mat.

However, his perilous condition was unknown to the referee, who simply conducted the standard ten count over the fallen fighter.

As that was happening, an eerie beam of light aimed directly at McCarty suddenly shone through a skylight in the arena's ceiling and remained on the dead man through the duration of the count until vanishing when it ended.

The incredible moment was witnessed by everyone in the thousands of spectators and photographed by someone in attendance, leading to the chilling image which was dubbed, '10 Seconds of Light.'

Skeptics, of course, contend that the circumstances of the photograph are simply an incredible coincidence, while others argue that the beam of light was some kind of supernatural event.

Another truly unnerving photograph featured in the video is that of a mysterious man spotted lurking in the bushes in an image posted to social media by a hiker who subsequently went missing and was never seen again.

Check out the complete video for some truly mind-boggling and mystifying photographs that will likely leave you breathless.

Source: YouTube

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