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Video: 5 Mystifying Tales of 'Phantom Islands'

History is replete with tales of intriguing islands which seemingly vanish off the face of the Earth, some are deemed magical while others are simply mind-boggling.

YouTube user Top5s recently posted an enlightening look at five of these so-called 'phantom islands' and the strange stories behind them.

One of the most intriguing locations in the list is that of Hy-Brasil, an island which sailors in the early 1300's said resided off the west coast of Ireland.

Through the testimony of those that encountered it, the island developed a legendary reputation although those who sought out the location could never seem to find it.

Nearly 350 years after it appeared on a map, an explorer named James Nesbitt told a fantastic tale of finding the island in 1674.

In what almost has to be fiction, Nesbitt claimed that he and his crew met an old man that lived alone in a castle on the island, which they also said was inhabited by numerous black rabbits.

One last witness, an author in 1872, told of visiting the island with his family to serve as witnesses after he first discovered it and the group watched it vanish before their very eyes.

Although it would be easy to dismiss the entire saga as one of Irish lore, Hy-Brasil has made a surprising return to notoriety in recent years thanks to claims surrounding an iconic UFO story.

According to Jim Penniston, who was a primary witness at the Rendlesham Incident, binary code was implanted in his mind by the craft and, when deciphered, included a number of coordinates for locations ostensibly important to ETs.

Among the sites listed in the alleged message: Hy-Brasil.

Other mysterious disappearing islands included in the excellent video are Tuanahe, an inhabited site near Australia that may have sunk due to catastrophe, and Antillia, a place one could visit but never leave!

Source: YouTube

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