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Video: 5 Paranormal Tales from WWII

Given the epic nature of World War II, it may come as no surprise that combatants on both sides reportedly turned to the paranormal in an attempt to gain an edge.

YouTube user Dark5s has produced an enlightening collection of WWII stories that involve the strange, unusual, and unexplained.

One of the more tales discussed in the video may explain a particularly perplexing event from the war: Rudolph Hess' bizarre flight to Scotland with the goal of negotiating a peace treaty between Britain and the Nazis.

His actions seemingly baffled both sides and what exactly motivated him largely remains a mystery.

However in the ensuing years after the war, it emerged that Hess may have been tricked by British intelligence into making the inexplicable journey by tapping into the psychic realm.

Rumors persist that a joint effort by infamous magician Aleister Crowley and intelligence agent turned iconic spy novelist Ian Fleming led to Hess's strange flight to Scotland.

As the legend goes, Crowley manipulated Hess' mind with psychic messages and Fleming made it appear as if the insights were correct via carefully used propaganda pieces.

The tandem attack apparently proved successful in 'inspiring' Hess to abandon his post for a futile peace mission that caused chaos for the Nazis.

Other fascinating events featured in the video are the legendary coven of witches who attempted to protect England using a magic ritual and Hitler's quest for the Holy Grail.

Source: YouTube

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