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Video: 5 Secrets from the Creepy World of Disney

Despite being synonymous with wonder and whimsy, the world of Disney has a few unsettling elements that the entertainment giant would likely wish to keep secret.

YouTube user Dark5 has put together a fascinating collection of tales concerning eerie happenings at Disney theme parks and clandestine dealings by the company's famed founder.

Included in the feature is one particularly unnerving trend that began years ago and almost certainly continues to this day: people spreading the ashes of their departed loved ones from the parks' iconic rides!

The macabre memorial method makes perfect sense when one considers the feelings of joy often associated with a visit to a Disney theme park, although that doesn't exactly make it any less creepy.

As one might expect, the legendary Haunted Mansion ride appears to be the most popular location for mourning individuals to disperse ashes.

Amazingly, the parks are purportedly well aware of the odd trend and have specially-equipped hazmat teams that are tasked with cleaning the air of ashes after a visitor has been spotted surreptitiously spreading remains.

It is unknown how someone would be punished by the park if they were caught spreading ashes, but one woman who was suspected of doing so back in 2007 managed to escape blame by saying that she had released baby powder into the air.

Fortunately for her, she committed the curious deed on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride rather than one devoted to Pinocchio.

Other stories included in the video are insights into Walt Disney's role as an FBI informant and a cast member who inexplicably died when she was crushed by one of the park's rides.

Check out the complete collection for a bevy of stories that Disney doesn't want you to know and may make you consider a staycation next year rather than a trip to the Magic Kingdom.

Source: YouTube / Image: Till Krech via Wikimedia Commons

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