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Video: 5 Strange Celebrity Deaths

Conspiracy culture not only encompasses the realm of politics and power, but in some instances it crosses into the world of pop culture most notably when a celebrity dies under suspicious circumstances.

YouTube user Top5s has put together a fascinating look at five intriguing stories of stars that passed away in a mysterious fashion.

Alongside prominent cases of curious celebrity deaths like Kurt Cobain and Michael Jackson is the less-discussed, but incredibly chilling, story of pop star Lisa Lopes, who died in a car crash in 2002.

While taking part in a 'spiritual retreat' to Honduras, Lopes mused that she felt as if a 'presence' was following her and claimed to be having prophetic dreams.

Eerily, three weeks before her death, Lopes was involved in a car accident which resulted in the death of a young boy who had the last name 'Lopez.'

Speaking to a documentary crew filming her sojourn to Honduras, the musician speculated that this was no mere coincidence and that it was her who was meant to have died but was spared by some kind of error by the proverbial 'grim reaper.'

Tragically, her unsettling observation may have been true as Lopes died in an SUV crash only a handful of days later.

Check out the fantastic video for a deep dive into other compelling celebrity deaths that conjured unanswered questions such as the passing of actor Heath Ledger as well as actress Brittany Murphy.

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