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Video: 5 Tantalizing Tales of Time Travel

The lack of time travelers in our midst may lead some to believe that the ability cannot exist, but some extraordinary stories suggest that may not be the case.

YouTube user Top5s examines anecdotes, urban legends, and conspiracy theories where traveling through time was the central theme.

In some cases, the experiencer inadvertently journeys forward time such as the story of esteemed British Air Force commander Sir Robert Victor Goddard.

Goddard claimed to have flown into a storm, spotted strange clouds, and subsequently was spun back out where he landed at an air base seemingly situated in the future before taking off and flying back into the past.

Other say they fall backwards in time, such as a woman who said she slipped from 1950 to the stunning year of 865 and watched a famous military battle.

And there are incidents that seems simply out of time, such as the tale of the traveler who allegedly possessed a passport from a country called 'Torad' that he said was part of Europe.

When officials took him into custody to determine what to do with the lost tourist, the now-legendary 'Torad Man' vanished from his guarded hotel room before investigators could speak to him.

There's also more potentially sinister events such as the infamous Montauk Project and an unfortunate man who somehow teleported 200 miles in a mere 5 hours perhaps with 'help' of aliens.

So if you can find the time, check out the complete video and learn more about these perplexing cases.

Source: YouTube

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