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Video: 5 Unsettling Entities That Strike During Sleep


We are perhaps at our most vulnerable when settling down to sleep and, based on some stories, it appears that there are entities which are all too aware of that worrisome fact.

YouTube user Dark5 has collected five sleep related paranormal tales that just may have you wanting to leave the light on when you tuck into bed tonight.

Among the strange cases of the spate of sudden deaths which struck the Hmong people after they immigrated to America.

The series of then-unexplained deaths is said to have inspired the film Nightmare on Elm Street and puzzled researchers for years.

It is believed that the deaths were caused by a heart condition, but the Hmong people claimed that they were victims of an evil furry creature known as Dab Tsog.

Another phenomenon you don't want to encounter right before bed are the infamous 'black eyed kids' said to visit unsuspecting people in the dead of night.

These curious children beg to be let into the house, but then betray their ostensibly evil nature by revealed solid black eyes.

An emerging phenomenon in recent years, the black eyed children have captivated the paranormal research community as they present a myriad of questions and very few answers.

One thing about the troubling tots that seems to be agreed upon is that you most certainly do not want to let them inside your home or else you may never survive to tell your tale.

Other cases detailed in the video include the Orang Minyak of Malaysia and Matruculan of the Philippines, both bizarre entities that are said to inflict unspeakable terror in those that encounter them.

Check out the complete video, provided you can handle whatever nightmares it may spawn.

And Coast Insiders that want more insight on some of these unusual cases can check out writer Adam Bulger talking about the Hmong sleep deaths on the 9/13/2015 edition of the program and author David Weatherly discussing Black Eyed Kids from 3/30/2015.

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