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Video: 5 Unsettling Scenes Caught on Tape

Although the ubiquity of cameras may have rendered society awash in videos, one upside is that it occasionally captures inadvertent footage of some incredibly creepy scenes.

YouTube user Top5s has created a tremendous collection featuring five of the most unnerving videos produced via happenstance.

Some of the most compelling are the pieces of footage which seem to show some kind of paranormal activity unfolding as if 'it' were not aware there were cameras watching, such as an eerie orb floating in front of a synagogue in the Ukraine.

Similarly, an astounding video from Chile purportedly captured a woman being violently pushed to the ground by a ghost!

But perhaps the most captivating footage featured in the collection is an alleged video of an infamous entity known as the Witches of Monterrey.

A fixture of local legend for decades, the witches gained new life after a pair of puported sightings by police officers in recent years.

Both witneses described encountering flying entities which looked like disfigured old women and their accounts generated a considerable amount of media attention.

The tale culminates in an eerie 2006 video from Monterrey that claims to capture one of the infamous witches flying through the sky.

Although the veracity of the video is undoubtedly in dispute, there can be little debate that it is an unnerving viewing experience no matter what its origin may be.

Check out the complete collection to see these strange scenes unfold and maybe get a glimpse of the paranormal in action.

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