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Video: 5 of the Worst Black Fridays

Frenzied Black Friday shopping has become as much a Thanksgiving tradition as turkey and pumpkin pie, but in some unfortunate instances the quest for a great deal has proven to be deadly.

YouTube user Dark5 has put together a collection of five Black Friday incidents which should confirm that your decision to stay home and binge watch Netflix was a good idea.

Perhaps the most unsettling event detailed in the video took place in 2008 on Long Island when nearly 2,000 shoppers got tired of waiting outside of a Walmart and decided to take matters into their own hands.

Amidst chants of "push the doors in," the horde of impatient bargain hunters literally tore a metal gate off the front of the store and stormed into the building.

Caught in the mayhem was a Walmart employee who was crushed to death by the stampede and his co-workers were forced to take refuge atop vending machines as the crowd ran wild in the store.

Other tragic tales featured in the video include cases where shoppers stayed up all night to take advantage of 'doorbuster' deals only to wind up crashing their cars after falling asleep at the wheel and a pair of brazen robbers who attempted to pilfer the profits from a Black Friday sale by kidnapping the manager of a clothing store.

Check out the complete video for an unnerving look at a dark side of society that seems to erupt as the mere promise of low, low prices.

Source: YouTube

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